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Welcome to the future of aviation software solutions. Our recommended EASA-compliant web app transforms airline operations, leasing company control, and MRO functions. Join the ranks of aviation professionals who have already transformed their operations with a comprehensive, cloud-based solution.

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Optimized Modules for Technical Records, Purchasing & Logistics, and Aircraft Maintenance & Airworthiness

Aircraft Module: Maintenance Planning and Continuing Airworthiness

The Aircraft Module is engineered for both Airline Operators and Engineering Service Providers, ensuring meticulous maintenance and unparalleled fleet management. It encompasses:

Comprehensive Airworthiness Directives (EASA/FAA): Stay updated with a full listing by type, including regular updates.

Approved Maintenance Program Tasks Configuration to align with manufacturer MPD for precise maintenance scheduling.

Time-Controlled Component Tracking to Manage maintenance for HT/LLP components efficiently.

Aircraft Utilization Monitoring provides automatic updates and reports with Flight Log inputs.

Fleet Reliability & Work Order Management to enhance operational reliability and streamline work order processes.

Customizable Reports which enable the generation of PDF status reports and import Excel data effortlessly.

Extensive Aircraft Type Support with over 50 aircraft types already integrated into the platform.

Warehouse Module: Purchasing, Logistics, and Storage Control

Optimize your aviation component logistics with the Warehouse Module, designed for seamless purchasing and inventory management. Key features include:

Approved Vendor Lists to simplify purchase order creation with a pre-approved list of vendors and suppliers.

Purchase Order Customization to generate purchase orders tailored to your preferences, exportable in PDF format.

Shipment Tracking to enable the monitoring of shipments and manage component transfers with ease.

Warehouse & Stock Monitoring to support the management of stock levels and component conditions across multiple locations.

Dashboard Overview to access all critical information at a glance with our intuitive dashboard.

File Repository Module: Efficient Document Management for Technical Records

Transform how you manage aircraft documents and records with the File Repository Module. Its user-friendly interface is coupled with powerful features to ensure fast, secure, and efficient document handling:

Intuitive Design which retains the classic folder-file structure with added flexibility and a sleek, modern design.

Easy Search & Bulk Download allows users to quickly find files and folders and download in bulk for maximum efficiency.

Tiered User Access to ensure absolute control over document access permissions, ensuring document security.

High-Speed, Secure Storage, benefits from the best server solutions for unmatched transfer speeds and file durability.

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Transform your airline operations, leasing company control, and MRO functions with our recommended innovative web app.

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